Tuesday, June 20, 2023

FQGS Challenge #5 AF/CG theme REMINDER post

 Thanks for coming out to the country and stopping at the general store! Howdy! 

 Come In. Take a Look Around. 

FarmQuest General Store challenge blog

What: FQGS #5 Reminder Post

When: Midway Point is June 21 and #5 ends on July 5 at 1am CT/Chicago. 


DT inspiration  from DT/owner Becca S=

[FQGS #5 Anything Farm and/or Country Goes elements: topics = country picnic; checked gingham, buffalo plaid, and the image has a quilt besides the picnic basket and trees]

LINK to FQGS #5 main launch posting from June 7th=


So long. Fare thee well. Come back to the country real soon!

--FQGS DT members Nana Connie and Janis with owner Becca


Tuesday, June 6, 2023

FQGS #5 June 2023 with AFCG theme

 Farm Living is the Life for me! Who has watched episodes of Green Acres?

As a little girl, I enjoyed the contrast between large city living with country farm life. If you're like me, I enjoy the slower pace for much of country living. It's hard work that's almost never ending if you're on a farm or ranch. I've had some times in my life both young and old with lots of farm duties to do. 

In my 30s, I helped my parents vaccinate their cattle; fly tag; ear tag/ID; open and shut gates; etc. Now as I've been in my 50s and now close to 61, I'm helping my widowed mom with her farm records, getting paint for the chicken coop and sheep barn, spotting my husband and others who are on farm building roofs, handing hammers and other tools up when my hubs is nailing down loose tin, mowing 3+ acres around farm buildings and about a half mile of ditches, and lots of other tasks. 

I've also lived in small towns of 100, 250, 300, 1100, and 1400. Some would consider 5,000 a small town such as Hoopeston, IL. 

Whatever in your life that attracts you to FarmQuest General Store challenge blog, thanks for being here! 

Announcing = 5th challenge competition!

Anything Farm and/or Country Goes theme topics 

Please drop off your AFCG theme projects between June 7-July 5, 2023 by 1:00am CST or 7am UK for some time references.

Bragging rights for Top Shelf recognition are waiting. 

If entries are at 25 or +, there will be a Blue Ribbon Winner selected. This craft artisan will not only have bragging rights but have an invite to be GD for the following month's reminder post. 


DT CALL= if anyone is interested in joining NanaConnie, Janis and I at FQGS, please contact me/Becca at questbybecca@gmail.com with a brief message. If I'm not familiar with your work in blogland, send me a couple of sample projects' photos.


Design inspiration for #5=

 DT member Janis:


[FQGS #5 AF/CG elements: quilt print paper, ewe panel with sentiment; ]

Janis has been making the most of this wonderful collection she purchased and will be sharing from April-November different cards made from the kit. I like the farmhouse vibe with the crisp colors and prints. 


DT member NanaConnie:


[AF/CG #5 elements: gated fence image and sentiment; plaid paper]

The image is by Anne Fenton and NanaConnie used markers to color the scene. What a nice view! And I'm sure there's a little farmhouse or cottage close by! The brown plaid paper makes me think of weathered wood. Wonderfully coordinated!


owner Becca S:


[FQGS #5 AF/CG elements: yellow checked gingham paper; peeling paint barn siding paper; sunflowers; jute twine under 2 spots on the lower portion of aster]

This is my first one to use from a set of left-folded die-cut "thanks" cards that I've done. For this one, I've stapled it shut because of the weight of the flower that I attached with dimensional foam tape. There's a rose design die-cut under it but I wanted to use this yellow aster that's been in my stash for a long time. Even the card pack was bought last year! This is meant to be used as a display card on an easel or propped against a vase.  


Now it's time for you readers/customers to turn into vendors and deliver your goods to the general store by 1:00am CST July 5, 2023.

Use the Inlinkz tool address to help you make those deliveries.




Ya'll come back now ya hear! 

FarmQuest General Store Challenge Blog

DT member NanaConnie, Janis, and owner Becca S


Monday, June 5, 2023

FQGS challenge #4 Top Shelf Picks for May 2023 Announcement

  Top Shelf Picks Announcement for FQGS Theme #3

 Whoa! Theme #4 for FarmQuest General Store challenge blog is no longer accepting deliveries of crafted projects! :)

At 1:00am CT/Chicago or 7 am UK times, FQGS closed for business for challenge #4. We are excited to be having good participation for being a new challenge blog. Please help us grow! Let your craft blogging friends know about this fun blog!

Theme #1 had 10 entries!! #2 had 27. #3 had 16 entries. #4 had 18 entries!

There was a great group of projects of cards and art journal pages formats. Topics ranged from farm and forest animals, flowers, fruits, trees/log, birds, scarecrow, fencing, country store and plants. I'm loving the variety and glad our FQGS participants are embracing the broadness of country/rural topics we want to see!

Thank you to all the wonderfully talented artisans who took time to create and deliver projects to the store!

Congratulations to these 3 Top Shelf Picks: !!

In order of reverse entry:

#5 = Elaine

#2 = Melissa

#1 = Carolyn

The variety of country/outdoors/farm/ranch kind of topics was amazing! It was a very difficult time of decision-making selecting only 3 entries. 


You all come back now!

The general store will be open again at 1am CT/Chicago or 7am UK on June 7th.


FQGS DT members NanaConnie, Janis, and owner Becca S

June 5, 2023 at 7:50pm CT/Chicago by Becca


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