Monday, March 20, 2023

FQGS Challenge #2 REMINDER of AFCG theme ending early on 5 April 2023

Howdy! Welcome to the country store--

FarmQuest General Store Challenge Blog, that is!

 Challenge #2 is at its midway point. 

March 21, 2023

This Anything Farm Country Goes (AFCG) themed challenge will end at 1am CST/Chicago on April 5, 2023.


additional DT inspiration 

from owner Becca S

a different type of rural country--a mountain scene card

LINK to FQGS main launch posting from March 7th which contains the Inlinkz tool address to submit your entries:


Remember: each participant can enter up to 3 AFCG projects with bragging rights possible. See the blog's sidebar guidelines for acceptable formats. 

Also make sure to see our twice per month themed sister blog, FarmQuest Challenge Blog


So long. Farewell. See you at the farm!--

FarmQuest General Store Challenge Blog

owner Becca


**Note: DT call= if you would like to be on the design team of FarmQuest General Store challenge blog that is a month-long anything farm country goes theme basis, email your interest to me, owner, Becca S


FQGS will run from the 7th to the following 5th; 

example February 7-March 5th;

March 7-April 5th;

April 7-May 5th....

Monday, March 6, 2023

FQGS Challenge #2 AFCG Theme starts 7 March 2023

 Howdy! Yee-haw!! Welcome to the farm--

FarmQuest General Store Challenge Blog's

AFCG Theme #2 month of competition starting 1:00am CST/Chicago on March 7, 2023 and ending at same time on April 5, 2023.

AFCG is shortened for Anything Farm Country Goes

Think rural, country, farming, ranching, gardening, produce markets, orchards, farmhouse kitchen, Mason jars, denim, plaid, gingham, burlap, feed sacks, windmills, barns, barbed wire, picket fences, porch swings, dirt roads, hiking, fishing, camping, and hundreds...thousands of other topics!


Design Inspiration:

DT member NanaConnie=

[AFCG theme elements: dairy barn, bucket, kittens, twine]

NanaConnie's made another stunning AFCG inspiration card with this wonderful milk barn with kitten visitors image!

She printed the image in grayscale and then colored lightly with aqua marker! Her stash provided the scraps and twine to finish the card front! Awesome! NanaConnie told me that those kittens couldn't have a happier place! I agree! Too cute!


DT/owner Becca:

Campfire Daydreaming

[AFCG elements: campfire, log, sticks, buffalo plaid print]

For another card entered at another challenge blog recently I won 3 images from LeAnn's World 101! This campfire scene image was 1 of my selections! I added the dark ground horizon line to help ground/anchor the image and then added some bluish swirls and some gray squiggles for some night sky. I also added some yellow 'sparks' leaping off the fire's flames. Some different scraps to look like sticks were added behind the image focal.


Now, readers, time for you to do your stash quests and come back to use this Inlinkz tool address to enter your submissions:


1st link closed at a wrong typed end time, so a 2nd link-up is being added on March 31 at 10:25am CST/Chicago. Please use this until early on April 5th. Sorry for any delays and frustrations. 

2nd link=

Remember each participant can enter 3 new AFCG projects before 1:00am CST/Chicago on April 5, 2023!


So long. Farewell. See you at the country store--

FarmQuest General Store Challenge Blog

Design Team member NanaConnie and owner Becca

Sunday, March 5, 2023

FQGS Theme #1 Top Shelf Picks Announcement

Top Shelf Picks Announcement for FQGS Theme #1

 Whoa! Theme #1 for FarmQuest General Store challenge blog is no longer accepting deliveries of crafted projects! :)

About 8 1/2 hours ago, the first AFCG themed challenge for FQGS ended. So that means the new #2 will start in about 39 1/2 hours if my math is correct.

Theme #1 had 10 entries!! 

Thank you to all the wonderfully talented artisans who took time to create and deliver projects to the store!

Congratulations to these 3 Top Shelf Picks: Leanne E, Lynn H, and Granmargaret!

In order of entry:

#5= Granmargaret's rooster and hen card

#9= Lynn H's pickup truck ready for farmer's market card

#10= Leanne E's vintage tractor card


You all come back now!

The general store will be open again at 1am CST or 7am UK on March 7th.


FQGS DT member NanaConnie and owner Becca S

March 5, 2023

FQGS #18 Theme of AFCG Competition plus #17 Bragging Rights shared on 7 July 2024

Welcome to the country store of crafting called  FarmQuest General Store challenge blog!!! July 7- August 5, 2024 is competition #18.   Them...