Wednesday, March 20, 2024

FQGS #14.5 Reminder Notice for AFCG theme Challenge and DT Call on 21 March 2024

Thanks for coming out to the country and stopping at the general store! Howdy! 

 Come In. Take a Look Around. 

FarmQuest General Store challenge blog

What: FQGS #14.5 Reminder Post

When: Midway Point is March 21 and #14 ends on April 5, 2024 at 12am CT/Chicago. 

Theme: anything farm or country goes topics; country can be backyard, rural, woods, forest, desert, mountains, creek, river, pond, lake, swamp, farmhouse kitchen, orchard, winery, etc.

Formats: cards, ATCs, tags, bookmarks, calendars and planners, journal pages or spreads, TN pages or spreads, larger scrapbook layouts


Images from QKR Stampede for #14 that will go to a random-picked entry when the competition closes=

using "Baby Paint Pony" (Becca)


using "Baby Donkey" (Becca)

using "Cottage" (Becca)

All three images are available to a random-picked participant to #14. 

The paint pony is great for ranch, desert, and mountain scenes. 

The donkey is great for farm animal scenes as well as religious Palm Sunday, Easter, and Nativity manger scenes.

The tiny cottage is great for any rural setting...on top of a hill, cliffside, tucked into the trees, surrounded by wildflowers, etc. 


LINK to #14 main launch posting for March 7, 2024


FarmQuest General Store is accepting your deliveries until early on March 5, 2024!!!


DT Call

if interested in creating once per month anything farm/country/rural/outdoors topic projects and/or use 2024 partnership using QKR Stampede digital images,

please email your interest to owner/DT Becca Sadler =


See you soon at the country store when you bring your deliveries (project submissions)!!

FarmQuest General Store Challenge Blog

Design Team members: Nana Connie, Jolanda B-W (has stepped down), and Becca S (owner)

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

FQGSCB #14 Anything Farm and or Country Goes theme starts 7 March 2024

Welcome to the country store of crafting called 

FarmQuest General Store challenge blog!!!

March 7- April 5, 2024 is competition #14. 

Theme is always Anything Farm and/or Country Goes. 

Topics can range from ranch/farm/farmhouse to desert to swamp to forest/woods to pond, etc. Activities can vary from fishing, camping, picnicking, taking a hayride, picking out a pumpkin and thousands more! You can do any season of the year at any time. Formats are scrapbook layouts, TNs/journals/planners, tags, bookmarks, ATCs, and cards.


NEW in 2024 for FQGS in the FarmQuest family of challenge blogs=

A random participant winner will receive the 3 monthly featured images from QKR Stampede. 

Note: Stamp On It currently has QKR Stampede and several other stamp/digital image lines/companies for sale. Here is that company website with the announcement:

And the QKR Stampede blog site to look at the archives with last posting on June 15, 2023:

FQGS DT member Nana Connie is coordinating this and has worked with them for many years.

#14 results posting will be published between April 5-7, 2024 so please check to see who will be the special random prize winner. The winner has until 9 pm Pacific Time on April 15, 2024 to claim their prize (use the contact email address for DT member Nana Connie that will be shared in the bragging rights post) or it will be re-drawn.

  QKR Stampede has allowed the DT to use 3 images per month.

March's selections are: 

DT/owner Becca=

using "Baby Donkey"


using "Baby Paint Pony"


DT member Nana Connie

using "Cottage"


DT member Jolanda B-W

(on vacation)


A great mix of farm and country scenes!



*Reminder to note:  participating in #14 competition will make you eligible for the random selection for the 3 featured digital images seen in this main post for FQGS #14. 

*Now it's time for our readers/customers to turn into vendors and deliver your goods to the general store by 12:00am CST April 5, 2024.

*Use the Inlinkz tool address to help you make those deliveries.



Ya'll come back now ya hear! 

FarmQuest General Store Challenge Blog

DT/owner Becca S,  DT member Nana Connie, and DT member Jolanda B-W

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

FQGS #13 Bragging Rights for Top Shelf and Random Winner for QKRS images shared 5 March 2024

 Top Shelf Picks Announcement for FQGS Theme #13

 Whoa! Theme #13 for FarmQuest General Store challenge blog is no longer accepting deliveries of crafted projects! :)

At 12:00am CT/Chicago or 6 am UK times on March 5, FQGS closed for business for challenge #13. We are excited to be having steady participation for being a newish challenge blog. Please help us grow! Let your craft blogging friends know about this fun blog!

Theme #1 had 10 entries!! #2 had 27. #3 had 16 entries. #4 had 18 entries! #5 had 19 entries! #6 had 12 entries! #7 had 11 submissions! #8 had 24 entries and #9 had 26!!!...only 11 for #10, but thankful for those as most of us are busy with holidays. And here we go with 15 entries for #11! Following the Christmas-New Year holiday season, we had 14 entries for #12! Down to 11 entries for #13.  

 I'm loving the variety and glad our FQGS participants are embracing the broadness of rural topics we want to see! Thank you to all the wonderfully talented artisans who took time to create and deliver projects to the store!


Congratulations to these 3 Top Shelf Picks: Katrina B, Melanie H, and Chris N!!!

In order of entry:

#1 by Katrina B = sunflower notecard holder:

#7 by Melanie H = watering can with flowers card:

#10 by Chris N = spring chickens card:

The variety of country/outdoors/farm kind of topics was amazing! It was a very difficult time of decision-making selecting only 3 entries. Thanks for making it tough for me/Becca.


RANDOM-picked winner of the 3 featured QKR Stamped digital images in February 2024 is:

from #1-11 submissions=

EDIT: 1st time pick was Deanne; Deanne has passed so we've moved up to #6 entry by Pam D!!!!

#5 was the number selected by my momma Jane! Woo-hoo! is for



2nd draw goes to #6 entry of baby goat by Pamela D!!!

Hurray, Pam!

Congratulations! please email DT member NanaConnie to make arrangements to receive the 3 featured QKR Stampede images!!!


Ya'll come back now! Stay awhile at the country store!

The general store will open again at 12am CT/Chicago or 6am UK on February 7th. 

From the gifted tippy-top shelf treasures,

FQGS DT members NanaConnie, Jolanda, and owner Becca S



SOMETHING NEW for 2024: QKR Stampede has been for sale (along with other companies owned by Stamp On It by Deb S) yet they will be offering images each month for the DT to use. The DT also has the option to create anything farm/country goes. 

There will be a random prize winner receiving all 3 images featured each month. How fun is this and it's only available at FarmQuest General Store! 


New to the FQ family of blogs:

NEW on January 2nd = FarmQuest HomeStyle Kitchen = Current competition is #3 March 2-31, 2024! FQHSKCB theme is AFG or Anything Food Goes; option theme to include a country farmhouse vibe;

allowed anything kitchen, pantry, produce market including kitchen tools, equipment, appliances, aprons, recipes, oven mitts/pot holders, berry baskets, bushel baskets, seed packets and more.

I did 5 days of sneak peeks between Christmas and New Year's that you can go back and look at for ideas found in my stash. 

*catsup bottle with "catch up" expression

*rolling pin

*cookies and milk


*and more, so check it out


FQGS #18 Theme of AFCG Competition plus #17 Bragging Rights shared on 7 July 2024

Welcome to the country store of crafting called  FarmQuest General Store challenge blog!!! July 7- August 5, 2024 is competition #18.   Them...