Friday, October 20, 2023

FQGS #9 Midway Reminder of AFCG theme on 21 October 2023

 Thanks for coming out to the country and stopping at the general store! Howdy! 

 Come In. Take a Look Around. 

FarmQuest General Store challenge blog

What: FQGS #9 Reminder Post for AFCG (anything farm or country goes theme topics)

When: Midway Point is October 21 and #9 ends on November 5 at 12am CT/Chicago or 6am UK. This is 1 hour earlier than what we've done previously before August 2023.


DT inspiration  from DT/owner Becca S= 

[FQGS #9 anything farm or country topics = mushrooms/fungi, a few partial flowers, country print wallpaper kind of cardstock]

Last month I shared another section of the mushroom coloring page so you're not seeing double! This time I've paired it with different printed cardstocks, sentiments, and cording instead of threads. There is still more left of the coloring page which means readers will be seeing more 'shrooms sometime in 2024. 

LINK to FQGS #9 main launch posting from October 7th=


So long. Fare thee well. Come back to the country real soon!

--FQGS DT members Kel, Nana Connie and Janis with owner Becca
and our newest team member Jolanda B-W


Friday, October 6, 2023

FQGS #9 AFCG theme starts 7 October 2023

Welcome to the country store!

FarmQuest General Store Challenge Blog is announcing its 9th challenge competition! 

Please drop off your AFCG theme projects between October 7-November 5, 2023 by 12:00am CST or 6am UK for some time references.

AFCG stands for anything farm or country goes theme. A huge range of topics are possible: woods/forest, farm/ranch, mountains, meadows, orchards, produce stands, camping, fishing, boating on a lake or creek, frogs, mushrooms, wildlife, hiking, and much more.

Bragging rights for Top Shelf recognition are waiting. 

If entries are at 25 or +, there will be a Blue Ribbon Winner selected. This craft artisan will not only have bragging rights but have an invite to be GD for the following month's reminder post. 


DT CALL= if anyone is interested in joining NanaConnie, Janis and I at FQGS, please contact me/Becca at with a brief message. If I'm not familiar with your work in blogland, send me a couple of sample projects' photos.


Design inspiration for #9=

DT member Kel:

[AFCG elements: barn siding; fox (forest/woodland)]


WELCOME NEW DT MEMBER Jolanda Breeveldt-Willems!!!! She was very busy in the paper-crafting blog world for many years up until about 2 years ago. She's wanting to get her creative mojo going again and we are super excited to have her part of the FarmQuest family!

[AFCG elements: I should just say the whole card! Checked gingham classic print, grass, wheat sheaf, haystack, scarecrow, tractor, hay wagon with more hay!!!]


 DT member Janis:

[AFCG elements: sentiment, honeycomb, checked gingham, flowers, barn, silo, weathervane]


DT member NanaConnie:

[AFCG elements: haunted woods, rural cemetery, spider web]


owner Becca S:

[AF/CG elements: bees, hive, honeycomb, autumn season colors]

Thanks, gals for providing a range of farm and country topics for our readers' inspiration!


Now it's time for you readers/customers to turn into vendors and deliver your goods to the general store by 12:00am CST November 5, 2023.

Use the Inlinkz tool address to help you make those deliveries.



Ya'll come back now ya hear! 

FarmQuest General Store Challenge Blog

DT member Kel,  NanaConnie, Janis, and owner Becca S


AND also starting today is a new challenge blog in the FarmQuest blog family--

FarmQuest Country Christmas Challenge Blog

October 7-November 5, 2023

12am CT/Chicago for start and end times

acceptable formats: cards, tags, package toppers, or gift cards (paper-crafted and/or hybrid projects that are for giving during the winter season)

anything goes type "country" Christmas--must be exterior country/rural/outdoors and either with Christmas decorations and/or snow, icy hillsides, creeks, lakes, outbuildings, porches, etc. 

*exterior house doors, porches, railings, lamp posts, mailboxes, fences, gates, outbuildings, etc.

DT so far includes: Nana Connie, Deanne C-S, 

Guest Designer for #1: Suzanne R


FQGS #8 September 2023 Top Shelf Picks Recognition Announcement

 Top Shelf Picks Announcement for FQGS Theme #8

 Whoa! Theme #8 for FarmQuest General Store challenge blog is no longer accepting deliveries of crafted projects! :)

At 12:00am CT/Chicago or 6 am UK times on October 5, FQGS closed for business for challenge #7. We are excited to be having steady participation for being a new challenge blog. Please help us grow! Let your craft blogging friends know about this fun blog!

Theme #1 had 10 entries!! #2 had 27. #3 had 16 entries. #4 had 18 entries! #5 had 19 entries! #6 had 12 entries! #7 had 11 submissions! #8 had 24 entries!!!

 I'm loving the variety and glad our FQGS participants are embracing the broadness of rural topics we want to see!

Thank you to all the wonderfully talented artisans who took time to create and deliver projects to the store!


Congratulations to these 3 Top Shelf Picks

In order of reverse entry:

#22 Deanne's strawberry plant and fence entry

#17 Chrissy's sheep and fence entry

#1 Katrina's journal page with sunflower

All three artisans had submitted more than 1 entry. 

The variety of country/outdoors/farm/ranch kind of topics was amazing! It was a very difficult time of decision-making selecting only 3 entries. Thanks for making it tough.


Ya'll come back now! Stay awhile at the country store!

The general store will open again at 12am CT/Chicago or 6am UK on October 7th. (new times)

From the gifted tippy-top shelf treasures,

FQGS DT members NanaConnie, Janis, Kel, Jolanda, and owner Becca S


DT Call

Our talented farmhand Janis is leaving us after December 5, 2023. We would love to get another talented farmhand started before then. 

If you're interested in farm and country topics using our accepted formats creating a DT project 1x per monthly competition, being part of the commenting rotation, and sharing/linking your blog posts of your FQGS projects to other challenge blogs and FB groups then please send an inquiry email message to owner Becca S=

UPDATE: Jolanda Breeveldt-Willems is joining us on October 7, 2023. 

Anyone interested in joining FQGS or the new FarmQuest Country Christmas challenge blog or the original FarmQuest challenge blog, please reach out by email to owner Becca S. 


FQGS #18 Theme of AFCG Competition plus #17 Bragging Rights shared on 7 July 2024

Welcome to the country store of crafting called  FarmQuest General Store challenge blog!!! July 7- August 5, 2024 is competition #18.   Them...