Thursday, June 20, 2024

FQGS #17.5 AFCG theme REMINDER notice on 21 June 2024

Thanks for coming out to the country and stopping at the general store! Howdy! 

 Come In. Take a Look Around. 

FarmQuest General Store challenge blog

What: FQGS #17.5 Reminder Post

When: Midway Point is June 21 and #17 ends on July 5, 2024 at 12am CT/Chicago. 

Theme: anything farm or country goes topics; country can be backyard, rural, woods, forest, desert, mountains, creek, river, pond, lake, swamp, farmhouse kitchen, orchard, winery, etc.

Formats: cards, ATCs, tags, bookmarks, calendars and planners, journal pages or spreads, TN pages or spreads, larger scrapbook layouts


DT inspiration=

using the QKRS digital image "Rabbit Handyman"

(another of the 3 available QKRS images for 1 random-picked entry) 

DT member Bec Ann:


using the QKRS digital image "Couch Potato"

 (another of the 3 available QKRS images going to 1 random-picked participant)

DT/owner Becca S:

Country living topics with charm and whimsical fun!

Cute ideas with countryside or farmhouse interior elements!


LINK to #17 main launch posting for June 7, 2024


FarmQuest General Store is accepting your deliveries until early on July 5, 2024!!!


WELCOME to our 2 new Design Team members!!!

LeeAnn McKinney and Rebecca Feltner (Bec Ann)

Both are amazing artisans and love creating rural outdoor masterpieces! 



DT Call

if interested in creating once per month anything farm/country/rural/outdoors topic projects and/or use 2024 partnership using QKR Stampede digital images,

please email your interest to owner/DT Becca Sadler =


*NOTE: we can use team members at other FarmQuest challenge blogs:

FarmQuest Challenge (twice per month with farm or country/rural topics)

FarmQuest HomeStyle Kitchen Challenges (anything food-related goes topics)

FarmQuest Grocery Game Challenges (new; limited time period of 16-17 days within an offset 30-31 day span; similar to Food Network's Guy's Grocery Games, there are 10 aisles of grocery store content and the themes will be based on 1 or more aisles)


See you soon at the country store when you bring your deliveries (project submissions)!!

FarmQuest General Store Challenge Blog

Design Team members: Nana Connie, LeeAnn M, Bec Ann, and Becca S (owner)


Thursday, June 6, 2024

FQGS #17 Main Post for AFCG theme plus #16 Bragging Rights on 7 June 2024

 Welcome to the country store!

FarmQuest General Store Challenge Blog is announcing its 17th challenge competition! 

Please drop off your AFCG theme projects between June 7-July 5, 2024 by 12:00am CT/Chicago or 6am UK for some time references.

Bragging rights for Top Shelf recognition are waiting. If entries are at 25 or +, there will be a Blue Ribbon Winner selected. This craft artisan will not only have bragging rights but have an invite to be GD for the following month's reminder post. 


DT CALL= if anyone is interested in joining NanaConnie, Bec Ann, LeeAnn and I at FQGS, please contact me/Becca at with a brief message. If I'm not familiar with your work in blogland, send me a couple of sample projects' photos.


Scroll down towards the end of the post to see the #16 bragging rights Top Shelf Winner Picks (3), and a random-picked Winner for the April #16 QKRS digital images that were featured!!!


Design inspiration for #17=

using the QKR Stampede images available to 1 random-picked participant at the end of competition:

 DT member Nana Connie:

Project #1 using the rabbit handyman digital image=

farm/farmhouse= carpentry

farm country textile/prints = denim, plaid


 her Project #2 using the handyman digital image =

farm/farmhouse = carpentry

farm country textile/prints = denim 


DT member/owner Becca S:

using the couch potato digital image=

farmhouse: prints + accessories + ---> living room look
farm/garden: potato


with anything farm and/or country goes inspiration samples:

DT member Bec Ann:

country farm elements: checked gingham, denim overalls, watering can, pitchfork, sunflowers, rope/braids, bird, bees, 


DT member LeeAnn:

country farm elements: country farmhouse with surrounding farmland, pasture, barns, cows, windmill, silos


Thanks gals for farm-tastic projects that take us inside the farmhouse to out and about the farm property!

Lots of farm and countryside charm!



*Reminder to note:  participating in #17 competition will make you eligible for the random selection for the 3 featured digital images seen in this main post for FQGS #17. 

*Now it's time for our readers/customers to turn into vendors and deliver your goods to the general store by 12:00am CT/Chicago on July 5, 2024.

 [NOTE: in the link-up tool description, I've added an hour since I overlooked getting the INLINKZ added  to start at midnight on June 7.]

*Use the Inlinkz tool address to help you make those deliveries.



BRAGGING RIGHTS Announcement for #16 from May 7- June 5, 2024

 I'm loving the variety and glad our FQGS participants are embracing the broadness of rural topics we want to see! Thank you to all the wonderfully talented artisans who took time to create and deliver projects to the store!


Congratulations to these 3 Top Shelf Picks: Katrina B, Margreet, and !!!

In order of entry:

*entry #4 = Deanne


*entry #7 = Katrina B


*entry #9 = Margreet

Congratulations to these 3 very talented artisans!

And our grateful appreciation to the remaining participants!


RANDOM-picked winner of the 3 featured QKR Stampede digital images in May 2024 is:

from 9 submissions=

# 6 was the number selected by my hubby Joe at 10:15pm central time! Woo-hoo! is for Melanie H!!

Congratulations! please email DT member NanaConnie to make arrangements to receive the 3 featured QKR Stampede images!!!


Ya'll come back now ya hear! 

FarmQuest General Store Challenge Blog

FQGS design team members: NanaConnie, Bec Ann, LeeAnn, and Becca S (owner)


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